Senin, 28 Maret 2016

Check out Summer Glau in new Arrow season 2 pic

The anticipation levels for Arrow season two are already going through the roof and we continue to get ever more excited with every piece of promotional material that is released. So far, we have been given plenty of posters, pictures and trailers to whet our appetites.

New Arrow season 2 image

With the Arrow season two premiere just around the corner, The CW seem to have upped their game a little further, by pushing out regular promotional material on an almost daily basis. The latest little piece of Arrow season two treasure is a picture from a scene of the season premiere.

Now we were extremely excited to learn that Summer Glau was going to appear in Arrow season two, as we are big fans of her previous work. We loved Summer in Firefly, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and even her little guest appearance in The Big Bang Theory.

Arrow season 2 is almost upon us

The new Arrow season two picture shows Summer Glau in her role as new baddie Isabel Rochev, along with Stephen Amell, as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, and Emily Bett Rickards, as Felicity Smoak. Arrow season two will premiere on The CW on October 9.

Check out the new Arrow season 2 picture and let us know what you think.

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