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a way to eat like a NASCAR driver, according to Jamie McMurray

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every week, a new athlete will share their weekly weight loss program and weight loss plan assistance on For The Win. Up this week? NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray, who visited the For The Win office ultimate week.

right here's what he eats on a regular day:


espresso. He says he goes via phases of distinct foods but at the moment: Yogurt with fruit. "I currently became delivered to sliced almonds so I suppose those are the premier element."

Lunch and dinner

"Lunch and dinner truthfully encompass whatever thing my family unit's ingesting," he referred to. "My little boy's 5 now so he has turn into a little opinionated … on what we've. I believe i am very akin to most people in that you simply go through spells of making an attempt to eat in addition to you could and doing every little thing ideal and then you go through spells of being fit. I emotionally eat like each person else. In racing you've got unhealthy days and (then my eating regimen that day) carries a consolation meals."

here's what I got here up w these days for my create your personal burger @mcdonalds. American Chz, pickles, diced onion, large Mac sauce, potato roll.

a photo posted by means of Jamie McMurray (@jamiecmcmurray) on Oct 15, 2015 at 3:58pm PDT

So what kind of consolation meals?

"truthfully my go-to would be massive Macs and french fries. that might be a staple. the rest fried. Barbecue."

And when he's consuming more healthy?

"a lot of fish and the difficulty for me and with most individuals is if you happen to beginning to consume match you overdo it. So if you get fish 15 days in a row you don't want to devour it again for a long time. (but once I eat match it's) a lot of fish, loads of rice, loads of greens. I don't understand in society if we devour adequate greens anymore. I be aware when i was a child it gave the impression of each meal we ate had some sort of vegetable. And now, and that i'm as responsible as anybody, if you're a mother or father, you simply type of go along with what your kid will eat."

favourite issue to cook

Steak. "i love steak as a result of in our condominium my spouse will do everything that must be completed inside and i do everything on the grill outside and it's a extremely respectable compromise of preparation and cleanup."

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