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Tony Stewart is still one step ahead of NASCAR in lug nuts defense situation

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Congratulations, Brian France: You just supported Autism Delaware.

now not at once, of route. You have other causes to returned which are much less altruistic. but the $35,000 is going to a charity that fights a neurodevelopmental disease merits because NASCAR, the game for which France is overlord, could not tolerate simply criticism from Tony Stewart.

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without problems put, Stewart introduced Wednesday that he would say thanks, however no thanks, to the dash Cup Drivers Council for having his returned.

"I preferred the Drivers Council guide, but I didn't desire them to pay the great. We decided as a bunch to donate the cash to charity," Stewart noted in a press release.

Autism Delaware changed into established by Artie Kempner and his wife. Kempner's connection to racing? he is coordinating director for NASCAR on Fox.

Stewart a week previous had amazing words for NASCAR a few gross safety oversight. Its failure to mandate that each motor vehicle have all its lug nuts tight when racing sparked Stewart's outrage.

NASCAR spoke back through penalizing Stewart mentioned amount for talking sick of the sport's governing physique. Then, it referred to it might seem into Stewart's costs.

Drivers, meanwhile, spoke of they agreed with Stewart; safety have to come first and they might pay the first-class.

And this week, lo and behold, NASCAR ordered all teams to have all 5 lug nuts on all 4 wheels tightened to requirements.

however Stewart's penalty would stand.

here's what France referred to Monday on the satellite radio application SiriusXM Speedway:

"Our entire system is in keeping with secure and competitive racing," France stated. "So it does not in reality count number in appreciate to what comes our approach. If we can make an adjustment to make things safer, we simply with no trouble will. "We're trying to get it right, and incidentally, we can. we've for 60 years and we are able to all the time style out —" certainly when it comes to security. which you can mark that down that we are going to get to the right place as fast as we can. it's job one for us."

And on Tuesday, once more on SiriusXM:

Stewart is "part of the Drivers Council and he's an proprietor as smartly, so he has an immediate line to express these views, which he didn't do. We listen very carefully as a result of their opinions are very vital. in the event you suggest that NASCAR doesn't care about security, you can predict a response from us.''

bought a gripe? just do not say so in public. maintain it at the back of exclusive. do not say the rest unhealthy in regards to the game or its governing physique. these are the guidelines.

Whistleblowers, like suckers, on no account get a good break.

Wednesday, Stewart talked about he would pay the best and send the drivers' funds to the Delaware charity. Magnamious.

NASCAR, in the meantime, comes off like cold fish.

here's an idea: Why would not France fit Stewart's contribution to Autism Delaware? stronger yet, double it. Any legitimate charity will do.

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