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So tons hoopla: Ted Cruz’s ‘basketball ring’ gaffe irks Hoosiers

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KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. – Republican Ted Cruz tried to attain out to Hoosier voters Tuesday through invoking the movie "Hoosiers," but what he mentioned certainly had a strange ring to it.

Cruz attempted to recreate the iconic scene from the film where teach Norman Dale (performed by way of Gene Hackman) tells avid gamers to measure the space between the rim and the gym ground with a tape measure.

The respectable news: it measured at ten feet, as it may still have.

The dangerous news? Cruz known as it a "basketball ring."

"You be aware of, the unbelievable factor is that basketball ring here in Indiana, it's the equal peak because it is in manhattan metropolis and every other vicinity in the country," Cruz mentioned.

however hiya, that you may't blame him for making an attempt. Basketball and "Hoosiers" are inextricably linked to Indiana. Cruz's rival, Donald Trump, is even acting with legendary former IU basketball train Bob Knight during a crusade experience Wednesday.

As for the basketball ring gaffe, Twitter had a container day:

...Ted Cruz thinks Bob Knight threw a desk pic.twitter.com/Vq532DDbjL

— BTown's DJ entertaining (@IUDJUnique) April 27, 2016

Cruz: "Boys, we'll win this election via working the ol' chain-link fence play." https://t.co/6IuB8nIRoP

— Jack McCallum (@McCallum12) April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz referred to as a basketball hoop a basketball ring whereas campaigning in Indiana. within the land of Bob Knight, you just lost the vote there😁😁

— Chris@SC, Inc. (@StrengthConcept) April 27, 2016

"ALLEY OOPS! Cruz calls basketball hoop 'basketball ring' in Indiana..." https://t.co/VcXruoE2Pj #politicalnews #feedly

— Freedom lover (@Freedom4all22) April 27, 2016

Love how Cruz botched his "Hoosiers" reference..."basketball ring" Wha? #MrHaney #bozo

— harry maYES (@HARRYMAYES975) April 27, 2016

should still be enjoyable observing Trump and Bobby Knight focus on Cruz and basketball "ring" #RingProtector #TakeItToTheRing

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) April 27, 2016

Gaffes happen to candidates. but it's tough to consider of a worse one to make in Indiana. https://t.co/2VZTR1eEbt

— Mark Wert (@mwert) April 27, 2016

in the event you hear Ted Cruz call a basketball intention a "basketball ring" pic.twitter.com/Ycrru1Za5z

— pro Hoops background (@ProHoopsHistory) April 27, 2016

Did Ted Cruz just call it a basketball ring? In Indiana? Is he going to say he's eager for seeing the NASCARs run the Indy 500 next

— Will McAvoy (@WillMcAvoyACN) April 26, 2016

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