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NASCAR CEO Brian France says lug nut rule trade 'now not a controversial issue'

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France stated the sanctioning physique's decision to require teams to once once again tighten all 5 lug nuts on every wheel was "not a controversial factor."

appearing on SiriusXM Speedway with Dave Moody Monday afternoon, France observed the rule of thumb exchange turned into an opportunity to raise safeguard. 

"Our job is, on every occasion we suppose there may be a security growth to make, or a policy to enhance things, we will just do this," France stated. "it's as simple as that. it's not a controversial element."

starting with the 2015 season, NASCAR dropped the requirement that groups installation and tighten five lug nuts on each and every wheel all through all pit stops. That resulted in some teams going to as few as 4 lug nuts on one facet of the automobile and three on the different, every now and then resulting in loose wheels. 

In recent weeks, a few drivers had been important of that rule, with Tony Stewart getting fined $35,000 remaining Thursday after comments he made to united states these days. NASCAR has no longer primarily mentioned what exactly Stewart was fined for. 

nevertheless, after the driving force complaints, NASCAR goes lower back to the historic pre-2015 device. starting at Talladega Superspeedway, all lug nuts will need to be put in and tight, per a NASCAR bulletin issued Monday.

France informed Moody it's the appropriate issue to do. 

"Our total gadget is based on protected and competitive racing," stated France. "So it would not basically depend in admire to  what comes our way. If we can make an adjustment to make things safer, we just readily will. 

"We're trying to get it right, and by the way, we will. we now have for 60 years and we will always form out --" exceptionally when it involves protection. you can mark that down that we'll get to the correct vicinity as fast as we can. this is job one for us."

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