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2016 NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 weekend weather forecast: Tropical troubles

Tropical depression Two may become Tropical Storm Bonnie Saturday. This tropical device could have an have an impact on on Sunday's NASCAR Coca-Cola 600.

These are the climate forecasts that preserve meteorologists up at night. a large racing weekend and there's potential of a tropical gadget raining on the NASCAR parade. while rain is feasible due to Tropical depression Two (which might turn into Tropical Storm Bonnie after typing this), I still believe we are able to race Sunday evening.

Saturday is dry for follow and the Xfinity race. it is going to also be heat with temperatures in the low- to mid-80s. The leading concern is Sunday and Sunday night.

There are a couple situations feasible for Sunday. the primary is rainbands and moisture associated with Tropical depression Two or Tropical Storm Bonnie relocating in Saturday evening into Sunday morning, maintaining lots of the day wet. however through night, the rain should start to dissipate, enabling for racing of the Coca-Cola 600. here is the scenario we now have been leaning towards most of the week. Odds of racing are round seventy five % with odds of a prolong around forty p.c and odds of a washout 30 percent or much less.

Worst case scenario is these bands installation over the music, do not reduce, and continue during the day and into the afternoon and evening. this is the washout situation and the probability of this occurring is around 30 p.c at this time. whereas I nonetheless consider we can dry out and race there is this opportunity.

I continue to work with meteorologist Aaron Studwell (@RaceWeather on Twitter) on this forecast. here is now not a simple forecast and we can be making adjustments the entire method up to the delivery of the Coca-Cola 600. Please comply with me on Twitter @NASCAR_WXMAN and like me on fb for the newest weather updates throughout the weekend.

All instances ET.

SATURDAY:10:00 a.m. -- dash Cup collection practiceForecast: in general sunnyWinds: East gentle Temperature:74

eleven:15 a.m. -- Xfinity sequence qualifyingForecast: often sunnyWinds: East gentle Temperature: seventy seven

1:00 p.m. -- dash Cup sequence final practiceForecast: in most cases sunnyWinds: East gentle Temperature: 82

2:30 p.m. -- Xfinity series raceForecast: frequently sunnyWinds: East light Temperature: 84

SUNDAY5 p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 pre-raceForecast: usually cloudy, probability of a showerWinds: North three-eight mph  Temperature: seventy seven

6 p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: commonly cloudy, possibility of a showerWinds: North 3-eight mph Temperature: 77

7 p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: in most cases cloudy, probability of a showerWinds: North 3-eight mph   Temperature: seventy six

8 p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: in most cases cloudy, mild opportunity of a showerWinds: North 3-8 mph Temperature: seventy five

9 p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: normally cloudy, possibility of an isolated showerWinds: North three-8 mph Temperature: 73

10 p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: frequently cloudy, probability of an remoted showerWinds: North three-8 mph Temperature: 71

eleven p.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: in most cases cloudy, opportunity of an remoted showerWinds: North three-eight mph Temperature: 69

12 a.m. -- Coca-Cola 600 RaceForecast: broadly speaking cloudy, chance of an isolated showerWinds: North 3-eight mph Temperature: sixty nine

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