Rabu, 18 Mei 2016

spouse of Fordham Basketball educate Tweets About Her Husband cheating on Her

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Jeff Neubauer just achieved his first yr as Fordham's basketball educate. The Rams went 17-14 and due to this fact, Fordham gave him a generous contract extension.

And now, the unhealthy news: Neubauer's wife, Karen, tweeted this out a number of days ago.

22 year marriage OVER when Jeff Neubauer met a Golddigger in Prague on a train.Working @ a Catholic U does not=morals. pic.twitter.com/Q7pxtqMYsO

— Karen Neubauer (@RunKnitTravel) may additionally 9, 2016


It's uncertain when this alleged Prague travel happened, but when you check out his spouse's timeline, whatever thing went down in March/early April. (Warning: variety of unhappy.) And it's been a month, so perhaps all of it comes out this week:

Breaking the silence. by no means idea Fordham HC Jeff Neubauer would lie or cheat on me but nowadays all of it comes out with the story on Martina.

— Karen Neubauer (@RunKnitTravel) may 13, 2016

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