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NASCAR is reviewing the dash Cup equipment following lackluster 600

whereas the motion in the sprint All-superstar Race changed into scintillating, Martin Truex Jr.'s dominating performance — where he led 392 of four hundred laps — coupled with the inability of opponents to circulate at the front of the field, left a lot of observers feeling flat.

"considered one of our brought up dreams is passing up front, correct? And that become no longer what we saw (Sunday) evening," O'Donnell stated on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Tuesday. "not to take the rest faraway from Martin. He had the car to beat and he didn't provide it up all evening long."

Two races, equal track, two distinctive programs

With competitors not operating for features in the All-superstar Race, NASCAR was able to test with the present dash Cup equipment. ahead of the adventure, groups were required to weld truck arm mounts, get rid of some of the aero-bettering lovers and reset the rear toe to zero in order to in the reduction of sideforce. while rear toe adjustment (skew) modified for the 600, the different points remained in region. 

apart from the obtrusive size of the races, an additional difference between the Coca-Cola 600 and All-star package — the latter which offered probably the most most fulfilling racing from old week at Charlotte Motor Speedway — changed into the qualifying races for the sprint Showdown had been held all the way through the day. 

O'Donnell observed the ability to look each setups in action will give NASCAR with facts to stream ahead. He insisted the sanctioning body will get the nighttime racing package "dialed in to the place it must be."

"That's on of the the explanation why we ran two different things to have some comparative statistics," O'Donnell brought. "surely, we noticed some in fact decent issues with the skew after the All-megastar Race and it's something we will instantly pull the lever on, we're also looking at the suggestions kit for Michigan and Kentucky. 

"Moreso than anything else, we doubtless examine our partnership with Goodyear and what we actually need to do to analyze how we wear tires as an awful lot as viable, notably at evening races. we can examine that. Goodyear has been a great companion this 12 months from the suggestions kit and matching that up. We've viewed some outstanding outcomes — chiefly within the day races. And we certainly have some issues to examine we look at some of the future night races and see what we will do with that tire mixture and that guidelines package."

Tire fall-off

constructing a tire with giant fall off has been a challenge for Goodyear as it tries to steadiness efficiency with durability. O'Donnell says the challenge is more advantageous at evening when the song is cooler and tire wear decreases. 

As for the No. 78 furniture Row Racing Toyota spanking the container on Sunday in NASCAR's longest race on the schedule, O'Donnell recounted the game will "have these blowouts from time to time."

"I don't want, by way of any capacity, to take away from what Martin, (crew chief) Cole Pearn and that crew has completed," O'Donnell said. "they are extra deserving of that win. he is a great story. in the event you analyze it, he's a guy who that you would be able to expect to win a championship now and that's just incredible to see, specially with what he and Sherry (Pollex, Truex's girlfriend) have passed through.

"You're going to have dominating performances, however we noticed a record-surroundings one for 600 miles — and once more, that's a very long time no longer to lose concentration. It's a group effort — every time in and out of the pits they have been flawless. It changed into an incredible performance via a race group."

altering Charlotte agenda? 

some of the hot rumors circulating over both weeks at Charlotte Motor Speedway became condensing the All-star Race and Coca-Cola 600 into one lengthy weekend ending earlier than Memorial Day. a favored state of affairs turned into running the All-superstar activities on Thursday, trucks on Friday, Xfinity on Saturday and the 600on Sunday. 

When O'Donnell turned into requested with the aid of Mike Bagley no matter if NASCAR has regarded making the Coca-Cola 600 a Memorial Day show, he replied, "It's a fascinating concept. I haven't in my opinion had these discussions with Marcus (Smith, Speedway Motorsports Inc. president and chief operating officer). i can let you know, even though, it's always labored really neatly for the track. 

"however Marcus is definitely an innovator and looking at things in the future, so it really is a conversation we could have. Our instant intention is to dial in that equipment for the night race. We like being the finale. We like the lifestyle built into that event. however it's definitely a dialogue we might have."

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